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                                                                                                                                   Battery Safety Performance

                Most advanced technology - Using the ternary lithium or lithium ion polymer batteries, Our Company has accumulated 10 years of technical experience in battery, and the manufacturing technology is of the top quality in the world. Active has a strong development team make innovation continuously to maintain its competitive advantage. Active always leads the market with its fastest technology innovative capacity along with the market changes. To reduce the outside impact and the incidence of quality problems in lithium battery, and improve its service life, our company uses the advanced BMS battery management system, the MiniUSB interface can communicate with a computer for easy battery maintenance and the internal operation monitoring, in non-use state covered with dust cap. The battery is easy to be removed which can cut down the maintenance and repair costs greatly. Active solved the problem of battery core technologies successfully: high consistency and high security and best performance parameters among the domestic market, reaching the international advanced level.
                Battery consistent performance �C we adhere strict control in processing to ensure the consistency of each battery to solve the batteries self-discharge consistency problem. Apply BMS battery management system to make static dynamic balance of the battery and guarantee the consistency of the battery-powered and high production efficiency.
                High security and high service life - through 1C/10V overcharge, the service life can reach to 2000-3000 times. Safe driving mileage is 150,000 kilometers. Guarantee a minimum quality of the battery probability of occurrence. It can meet the requirements of electric vehicle stability and safety because of good capacity in overcharge and overdischarge.
                Battery quality �C Manufacture with high standard materials, sophisticated technology, strict production management methods, the whole controllable process, perfect quality management processes as support, Active pursues the excellence in product quality n. Battery has high security, high consistency and long service life as its notable features.